Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here is a listing of current shows up in Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg in October. Also this Friday, October 10 is the Williamsburg gallery association's second friday event, where galleries are open with performances, events and lots of festivities. It's great fun and a great chance to see whats going on in the area.


328 Berry Street
917 570-1476
Friday-Sunday 1 - 6pm
Soon We Will All Grow Wings... / ...And Then The Sky Was Divided, "Soon We Will All Grow Wings..." Sculpture by Jude Hughes. "...And Then The Sky Was Divided,"Works on Paper by Katie Klencheski. Artists reception: Friday September 5th 6-9pm Exhibition on view September 5th-October 5th, 2008.

The Woods, Paintings and Work on Paper by Jessica Weiss. The re-interpretation of forms and patterns culled from vintage wall coverings are part of Ms. Weiss� painterly language. By appropriating images processed in a different medium, the artist is giving anecdotal segments a renewed context. Artist Talk Sunday October 26th, 4pm. October 10th � November 9th, 2008
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-9. artist talk

49 Bogart Street
Weds-Sun, 1-8pm
The London Police, Flying Fortress, Pez & Eine, featuring The London Police, Flying Fortress, PEZ & Eine World famous guerrilla street artists The London Police (Amsterdam), Flying Fortress (Germany), PEZ (Spain) and Eine (the good ole UK) will be descending upon Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn, New York for an exhibition of all new, original artwork which will surely rock the very foundations of this fair borough! Also, don't forget to join us at Alphabeta in Greenpoint at 10pm that same evening, following the opening reception at Ad Hoc, for an afterparty of EXTREME proportions! Live Painting, Live Music, Live Performance, DJs, drinks, prizes.September 12th through October 12th, 2008

"In The Language of Angels", featuring: Lisa Alisa, Camilla d'Errico, Sarah Joncas, Simone Maynard, Mia & Mijn Schatje. "In The Language of Angels" examines the softer side of Pop Surrealism through the collection of artworks by an international group of young female artists. Paintings and digital prints by Lisa Alisa (Russia), Camilla d'Errico (Canada), Sarah Joncas (Canada), Simone Maynard (Australia), Mia (USA), and Mijn Schatje (France). October 24th - November 23rd, 2008
Opening: Friday October 24, 7-10 pm. (After Party to be held the same night at Alphabeta in Greenpoint from 10pm until ?)

101 Grand St.
718 302-2242
Fri-Sun 1-6
also by appointment
The Thirteen Stations of the Double-Cross, Doug Parry's powerful narrative paintings, shock, provoke, and entertain all at once; the use of the "Stations of the Cross" as a metaphoric stage for his bawdy and aberrant cast of characters, a gauntlet thrown down to the viewer. Doug Parry will be in New York and is available for appointments September 17 and 18. September 12 - October 5
Opening: Thursday October 16, 7 - 9 pm. Art for Obama

Earth Hands, and Fire / Girls on Bicycles, Bradley's provocative new sculptures are paired with Williams' fluent pastels. October 10 - November 2 October 16, 6 - 9 pm ART FOR OBAMA
Opening: Friday October 10, 7-9 PM.

195 Grand Street
718 302 2021
Wed. to Fri. Noon - 8, Sat and Sun 1-7
A new exhibition of works by award winning French artist Camille Perrottet at Brooklyn�s Artbreak Gallery uses bitter satire and Victorian erotica to illustrate the artist�s loathing of US politics and politicians. Although other international leaders are included, it is clear from her introductory statement that the Bush administration is the real target of her scorn.

483 Driggs Ave.
718 599-8775
Fri�Mon 12-6

101 Richardson St. Top Floor
718 302-4702
Sat & Sun 12-6

293 Grand St.
718 218 8939
Wed-Sun 11 AM - 7 Pm, Mon. 9 AM - 5 PM
Ancient Experiences, paintings and drawings by Sasha Blanton Also: "Shimmering Matter," object paintings by Christopher Harrington. September 1 - October 3, 2008

Times Composed, masking tape wall drawings by Sun K. Kwak. October 9 - November 3, 2008
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-9.

103 Havemeyer St.
718 388-2311
Weds-Fri 2-9, Sat 12-8, Sun 12-7
Swirl of Swarm, Mel Kadel and Suzanne Sattler. Suzanne Sattler's delicate and spacious pencil drawings lure you into a dreamlike reality that examines our relationships with each other and the natural world around us. By contrast, Mel Kadel's smaller, colorful drawings on coffee stained paper zero in on humans' relationships with each other by concentrating on the battles within ourselves. September 5th-October 5th, 2008

Allyson Mellberg, October 10th - November 9th 2008
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-10.

370 Metropolitan
24 hours, 7 days
The museum collection displays thoughtfully arranged artifacts of New York City’s rich history.

38 Marcy Ave.
718 387-9818
Fri 3-8, Sat-Sun 12-6
"Buoy Portraits" by Chris Coffin. "The Goldsworthy of the Coffee Shop Project" by Jonathan Brilliant. 9/12- 10/12 Opening Reception: 9/12 (7-9pm). And Garden Music Series Afterparty with: This Frontier Needs Heroes, P.G. Six, Zachary Cale and Friends, The Brooklyn Street Raga Association.9/12 (9-midnight) $5 cover

114 Forrest St. Grnd. fl.
Sat & Sun 1-7 & by appt.
Evrything seems OK to me, a solo show buy Hiroshi Shafer. September 27 - October 19, 2008

Jason Peters and David Button, November 1st- November 29th
Opening: Saturday November 01, 6-9 PM.

168 North 6th St.
718 486-7021
Fri-Sun 1-6
Samasati, New paintings by Joachim Marx. Marx paints floating, falling or suspended figures in an undefined space. These are figures that are thrown into the painting just as human beings are thrown into existence, trying to comprehend their being here, trying to remember their true nature. September 5th-October 19.

NYC Subway Series, Mary Westring and Barbara Zanelli.Monoprints and Etchings OCTOBER 24 - DECEMBER 21.
Opening: Friday October 24, 6-9.

147 Reobling St.
718 -782-2556
Fri-Sun 1-6, and by appointment
�Who Made Who�, Sculptural work and drawings by Erik Guzman. An impressive body of new work that is a realization of artifacts and ideas from a self-composed mythology. Kinetic, light emanating sculptural work paired with delicately detailed etched glass drawings, illustrate Guzman�s mythos of the machine. Featured in this exhibition will be three sculptural works which incorporate dazzling light, polished aluminum and plexiglass; activated by the presence of a viewer, rhythmic light patterns consume the architecture of the gallery as spinning wheels cast long swirling shadows across the floor and onto the walls, that gradually form, take over the space and then subside. September 12th-October 19th.

The Ballot Show, The Ballot Show focuses on the American electoral system and the overall notion of voting with a ballot. Election rigging tactics have been around at least as long as elections, gerrymandering is still as popular as it was when it was officially named in 1812. This October the Front Room gallery will be presenting a group exhibition of artists that address the issues that surround the current voting system in the United States of America and inequities that arise during the polling process of it�s citizens. Featuring: Daniel Aycock, Ken Butler, Aimee Chan, Gregory Curry, Lisa Delillo, Richard Humann, David Kramer, Allan Packer, Ward Shelley,Sante Scardillo, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell and Kathleen Vance
Opening: Friday October 24, 7-9.

237 Kent Ave.
917 407-2029
b.p.m Fri-Sun 1-6

205 Norman Ave.
718 383 9380
Fri-Sat 1-7, Sun 12-6
Party At Phong's House, Curated by Chris Martin - works by Liv Aandrud,Isabelle Acheson,Peter Acheson,Chick Bianchi, Palma Blank-Rosenblum, Phong Bui, Matt Connors, Dave Cutrone,Thornton Dial,Keltie Ferris, Alison Fox, Peter Gallo,Tamara Gonzales, Ron Gorchov, Nora Griffin, EJ Hauser, Bill Jensen, Ben La Rocco, Margrit Lewczuk, Craig Olson, Joyce Pensato, Nathlie Provosty, Tal R, Alexandra Shurrer, Amy Sillman, Elephant Sri-Siam, And others� September 12-October 12, reception Friday Sept 12th 7-9pm

"i'll go there, gladly", Kazimira Rachfal. October 17- November 16
Opening: Friday October 17, 7-9 pm.

840 Broadway
(646) 5783402
by event
PERFORMANCE EXPLOSION!, PRESENTING NON GRATA IN PERFORMANCE @ LEO KESTING GALLERY 812 WASHINGTON ST. (MANHATTAN) SATURDAY (SEPT. 27) 8:00 PM - free � Guests must be 18 and older! NON GRATA: ART OF THE INVISIBLES The main characteristics of the members are anonymity in group work, ignorance of local art world and mass media. NON GRATA is a Performance Group from Estonia with 40 members from Estonia, Chile, Finland, Quebec, Germany, France, USA, Sweden
Opening: Saturday September 27, 8:00 pm. performance, free (by donation)

362 Grand St. @ Marcy Ave.
Thursday - Monday 12:00 -7:00 and by appointment
Jihoon Park - "One Day, One Deal", In his second solo exhibition at the gallery, the Seoul, Korea based artist will present recent paper, sculpture and video works that explore sociological and psychological relationships at the root of our most primal human condition/state. extended until October 20th

Cecilia Biagini - "Requests for expansion", In her second solo exhibition at the gallery, the Argentine born and Brooklyn based multi- disciplinary artist will present her most recent beautiful and alluring abstract paintings, sculpture and color photograms that celebrate and explore the boundaries of color, movement, geometry and space. October 24 - December 8
Opening: Friday October 24, 6-9 pm.

61 South 3rd Street
718 384-5738
By appointment only
Wordpiece, An installation featuring the collaborative work of poet /novelist Serge Gavronsky and artist/teacher Connie Lane. Opens October 11th.
Opening: Saturday October 11, 4-6.

236 Grand Street
718 418 7182
Friday-Sunday 1pm-7pm
Lamps-An Exhibition of Illuminated Objects, HQ is often a sort of faux retail outlet, continuously packaging and repackaging itself as a store that offers nothing to the conventional shopper. Wolfgang Ryan's exhibition titled "Lamps" is a perfect example of how an imitation boutique can challenge conventional opinion on the uselessness of artwork. In this exhibition of illuminated objects, the Artist reconfigures household lighting into post-apocalyptic assemblages that defy their original purpose while managing to maintain some of their original functionality. October 10 to November 23 Special Event: During the opening reception for "Lamps" on October 10th, at 7:30p,8:00p and 8:30p, there will be a special presentation of several new cake assemblages corresponding to the work in the show. The gallery will turn off all of the forty illuminated objects in the exhibition and the Artist will present a re-assembled birthday cake illuminated with one his own creations. The cake will be distributed amongst the audience and then the ceremony will be repeated with a new cake every half hour until closing.
Opening: Friday October 10, 7-10 PM. special cake event

487 Driggs Ave.
718 782-0183
Thurs-Mon 12-6
Gallery 1:Arthur Cohen. "Now what?" Gallery 2:"Sin-A-Rama," David Sandlin's Alphabetical Ballad of Carnality. September 5 - October 5, 2008.

Piano Man (For Guitar), L.A. based artist Eric Yanhkers creates objects of a comic oscillating between life and art. His installation of eleven sculptures and five large-scale graphite drawings are guaranteed to intrigue and agitate.October 10th-November 9th.
Opening: Friday October 10, 7-9 PM.

168 North 1st Street
718 218 7148
Monday - Saturday, 12 - 6pm
DR. GO HOME (BABYTARANTULA IS BACK IN GODZILLA-GYM, thanks...1923-2023), a collection of work by German artist Jonathan Meese, who previously contributed the cover image, a performance piece on DVD and 28 pages of works on paper for the journal entry 22. The exhibition consists of four series of work: Mouth Wash, cheap photocopies brushed with mouthwash instead of paint; Eigelb, collages of yellow acrylic and small shreds of pornographic images; Dr. Gomik, a continuation of a series Meese worked on for German magazine Gomik; and Dr. You, works dotted with "happy mouths," as the artist calls them, taken from porn mags. September 12 - October 22, 2008

438 Union Ave.
Fri-Sun 12-6
Donna Chung - Relax Earth, �Relax Earth� will feature a visual language that spans a catalog of dialectics, from the allegorical to phenomenological. Chung�s work ranges from displays of skillful craftsmanship to the wry appropriation of rudimentary found objects. Objects move between levels of mediation; their unfixed and perpetually forming nature emphasize the episodic, the non-hierarchical, and the dis-associative

David Scanavino, Scanavino has covered the exhibition space floor with institutional green linoleum tile. These tiles act both as environmental signifiers (hospital, school, DMV) and as readymade units of visual composition in his sculptures and wall pieces. The common and familiar tiles cover solid rectalinear forms with subtle shifts of angle and construction, literally putting the floor on the wall, on its sides, and upside down, playing with perception and our own physical placement.
Opening: Friday October 17, 7-9 pm.

224 Roebling St.
Tues-Sat 12-9, Sun 11-8
Dean Goelz: Migrations, September 12th-October 5th, 2008
Opening: Friday October 17, 6:30-10PM. Artist's dinner, reservations required

Synaesthesia, Nicole Stager's abstract photograms take the meaning of photography literally. Choosing handheld light sources and found object, Nicole draws in the darkroom to present time, color, shape and line in a unique and exciting way. October 10th - November 9th; Artist's Dinner: October 17th 8pm - Reservations Required
Opening: Friday October 10, 6:30-10.

210 Kent Avenue
1-6 Fri Sat-Sun
Nature, Sebastian Mylarski's "Nature." "Nature" surveys my attempts at revisiting Romantic notions of the search for one's true self through a connection with nature. These photographs document my travels and my investigation into the basic human need for an interventionist force that might offer comfort and guidance. Rather, with awe, I was confronted with nature's indifference and that indifference in turn forced me to accept my own vulnerability. I pointed my camera towards a void and found my own reflection in it. When confronted with nature we are stripped of our personas and the roles we play; we are left with our mere essence, flesh, blood and bone. The exhibition will be open October 4 - 26.
Opening: Friday October 03, 7-10pm. opening and performance by members of Ghost Exits

Opening: Sunday October 26, 7-10 pm. Closing reception with a performance by Sahra Motalebi

60 North 6th St.
718 599-0089
Saturday and Sunday from 1 till 6 pm
Coloring Book, An exhibition for kids (and the kid in you)Ten artists selected one of their favorite drawings and made it into a coloring page, which children can color. These and the originals artworks are on view until October 5. And by appointment: till October 5: 212 255 9707.

129 Roebling St.
718 384-8729
Tues-Fri 11-7, Sat 12-7
The Glory Hole, art installation by Greg Haberny

In The Darkest Night, a Solo Exhibition by Travis Lindquist. The show will be on display until Monday November 10th.
Opening: Friday October 10, 7-10.

359 Bedford Ave.
718 218-8058
Thurs-Mon 12-6
Some things we do together, Shaun El C. Leonardo & Clifford Owens: the artists have built a private performance room within the gallery. The series of performances will explore notions of exclusivity, privilege, privacy, and personal boundaries. Some events will be by invitation only, others will require the viewer to sign non-disclosure contracts with the performers that will guarantee secrecy. The artists have chosen to maintain secrecy about the actual content of each performance in keeping with the intentions of the event. Following performances, ephemera and detritus will be left to be viewed during regular gallery hours. Also there will be performances on September 13th, 3-6 and Sept 20th, 7-9. September 5 through October 6.

Cloud Cuckoo Land, a collaborative video and sculptural installation by Erik Moskowitz and Amanda Trager. The lead roles are played by Moskowitz and Trager with Joan Jonas, Robert Janitz, and Ronnie Bass featured in the supporting cast. The seductive cinematography and richly layered music of the video will be shown within an environment of objects that served as a set for filming. These include a number of wall-sized semi-transparent photographic scrims that will describe a domestic interior within the gallery. The translucency of the scrims allows viewers to watch other viewers as they move between divisions, one room of the set bleeding into the next. Additional objects, with skewed proportions and unconventional relations to space, further dissolve physical boundaries. A more uncanny dissolution occurs when the characters open their mouths to speak. The timing of the footage has been altered to a dissociating effect. The actors haltingly mouth their dialogue, individual voices replaced by a unifying soundtrack sung by the artists. October 17 through December 1, 2008
Opening: Friday October 17, 3-6 pm.

910 Grand Street, 2nd Floor
Thurs - Mon, 12-6
Politics and Other Diversions, Curated by Ara Osterweil, investigates the mutual failure of art and politics to move beyond diversion. The seven emerging artists and their selected works presented here each ask the viewer to question the nature of political discourse and its limits. Featured artists in the include David Baumflek, Jos� Luis Cort�s, Nicholas Hamilton, Oded Hirsch, Noah Landfield, Daniel Lichtman, and Austin Shull. September 12th - November 1st.

NURTUREart's 2008 benefit gala is happening on October 27th at James Cohan Gallery to discover new emerging artists. Exhibit Curated By: Koan Jeff Baysa, Lowell Pettit, Amy Rosenblum Martin, Lilly Wei
Opening: Monday October 27, 7-9pm. Benefit at James Cohan Gallery

193 Grand St.
718 388-2882
Fri-Mon 1-7
Mortal Coil, An exhibition of works by four artists from Northern Europe, whose respective practices all include the use of moving images. In Grow / Finish Unit, Irish artist, John Gerrard's computer-assisted images provide a detailed representation of an unmanned pig farm in Oklahoma, seen in real time over the space of 365 days. Edith Dekyndt's video "Slow Object 05" is at the same time a highly realist film made with the most direct and simple techniques. It shows a seemingly indefinable object that is bulbous or perhaps spherical, as it moves through an equally indefinable element. Agnieszka Kalinowska's "Personal Doping," is an endlessly moving chain of people hanging from their feet, each one being held at the ankles by the next.Simon Faithfull's work, "Orbital 2," presents three concentric circles on a circular screen. Each circle is a section of one of three films showing a journey round a different circular road, of the kind that contours many European cities. Sept.12th-Oct. 5th.

One Second of Silence, Edith Dekyndt. Long overdue first New York solo show by the Belgian artist includes video, photography and sculpture. In filming or photographing a transparent flag, pools of oil breaking surface on the Gowanus Canal, or the erratic movements of a tiny bubble of milk, Dekyndt�s scrutiny is so detailed that its hyper-realism tips into abstraction. October 10 - November 30.
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-9 pm.

177 North 9th St.
718 599-2144
Fri-Mon 12-6
Flannel Tongue, New works by John O'Connor. O'Connor's modest media-graphite, colored pencil, and paper�belie the scope and effect of his large-scale works on paper. The final drawings tend to resemble paintings more than drawings. Through idiosyncratic and entirely invented systems, he converts what is ordinarily invisible-spoken and written language, chance events, chaos theory-into visual representations that reveal patterns of speech and events. He begins each drawing with a subject of interest and through haphazard research collects data and begins to experiment with it. He completes one part of the drawing, responds to what he's put down in a Rube Goldbergian way, and continues in this way until the drawing is complete. 5 Sept-6 Oct.

Adam Dant / Les Stone, 10 October - 10 November, 2008.
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-10 pm.

1037 Flushing Avenue
Sat. & Sun. 12-6pm and by appointment
Dana Gentile and Suzanne Walters with Bill Gerhard and Sophy Naess in the project space and a new print edition by Rico Gatson. September 5-October 12. Karina Aguilera Skvirsky will present a salon titled "Memories of Development (MOD)," presenting photo stills and a rough cut video that focus on the psychological and cultural legacy of Latin America's "third world" status using her childhood memories of growing up in Guayaquil, Ecuador as an entry point. This is a work in progress.
Opening: Saturday October 11, 4 PM.Love to Fred from Lee Lozano, Fred Gutzeit: Paying homage to, through a billboard-sized installation and painting, the late artist Lee Lozano, Fred Gutzeit turns Pocket Utopia into a walk-in cosmology of wave, particle and worm hole. In addition, Gutzeit will display preparatory drawings and relevant sketchbooks. 25 October -- 14 December, 2008
Opening: Saturday October 25, 6-10.

103 Metropolitan Ave.
718 599-5589
Sat & Sun 12-6
Doug Blanchard, Curated by Tatiana Arocha.Doug Blanchard's sketchbooks are eclectic assemblages of line art, photography, writing, printed ephemera, advertising imagery and the occasional airline barf bag. On one level the books are an ongoing record of the physical and social environment in which he lives and travels, but more importantly to the artist they are deeply introspective journals written in a personal visual language: found and created imagery from a wide range of interests including Shakespeare, defunct sports teams, suburban sprawl, funny diseases, Proust, body fluids, early 60's Studebaker products, noncommittal Buddhism and hot women with bad habits.

Radio Silence, Radio Silence is a selected visual history of American Hardcore Music. Compiled by authors Nathan Nedorostek and Anthony Pappalardo. The book is published by MTV Press and distributed by PowerHouse Books. 10/4-10/31
Opening: Saturday October 04, 6-9 pm.

210 Kent Avenue
Sat-Sun 1-6
Art Makes Eye Contact benefit show for Transformazium., The Show will feature artworks by Swoon, Barry Mcgee, Daphne Fitzpatrick, Paper Rad, Maya Hayuk, Faile, Kiki Smith, Steve Powers, Martha Cooper, Bill Daniel, Kevin Buscholtz, Andrew Poneros, Chris Uphues and many more, along with many events throughout the week. (please check website for schedule) Transformazium is an emerging arts organization whose mission is to use the creative process and locally identified resources to transform ideas into tangible social and economic benefits. Oct 11th-18th. Closing party October 18th, 9pm-2am.
Opening: Saturday October 11, 4-10. De Facto Music Series Hosted by Dan and Yoni

Casa De Scarry Part Deux: Adventures in the Haunted Forrest, An artist made haunted forrest installation featuring works by all your favorite monster island artists. Featuring several nights of events including aLlison Awesome's spooky Birthday, Kat and Ian's Intern Performance piece, and Bad Party at 8pm on the 24th Then On the 28th from 8pm film screenings and live scarry music... then...Oct 24th-Nov 3rd Brahloween III 10pm $7.00 The third annual installment of BRAH Records haunted music show- costumes a must! This year with Awesome Color, Oneida, Knyfe Hyts, and spoooooky surpise guest's November 1st
Opening: Friday October 24, 8-10pm. music performance

319 Bedford Ave.
718 486-8180
Fri-Mon 12-6
1965-2008 Tadasky, Tadasky/Tadasuke Kuwayama retrospective. 09/13-10/22

Battlespace, works from 25 photojournalists who have been embedded in Iraq. 10/25-11/16
Opening: Saturday October 25, 6-9.

136 Wythe Avenue
718-387-3921; 917-224-1949
Fri-Mon 1-6pm
Black and White, A group exhibition of gallery artists, including Cabessa, Jama, Kindness, Nguyen, Roundane, Roniger, Wilson; and Haring.

Solo Exhibition of Recent Work by Cheol Yu Kim, Shadow and light in Cheol Yu Kim's drawings and watercolors render a world of delicate and translucent possibilities using a compendium of childhood fantasy creatures and spaces. The artist's dreams merge with his everyday experiences, blurring "the boundaries of what is familiar and what is not." October 10 to December 14 2008
Opening: Friday October 10, 6-10. featuring jazz performance w/ Jesse Selengut and The Tin Pan Blues Band

60 North 6th St.
718 599-4884
Fri-Sun 1-6
The Split Wall, Hilary Harnischfeger and Fabienne Lasserre. 19 September - 26 October.

97 North 3rd St.
Ph: 347.803.9321
Open Fri-Sun 12-6, or by appointment
Jacqueline Schlossman: New Work, Photographs from Jacqueline's ongoing golf course landscape series and comparative studies of New Orleans sites along Tchoupitoulas Street. Sept. 12 to Oct. 5.

Kings & Queens, Stripeman Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming group exhibition "Kings & Queens" featuring works based on the titled theme. Artists include: Jedediah Morfit, Ryan Ford, Kenneth Browne, Richard Pantell, Karen Whitman, Bradley Fesmire, Elise Roedenbeck, Tom Whitton, Celeste Rapone and Peter Snadik. October 10 - 26, 2008
Opening: Friday October 10, 7-9 PM.

213 North 8th Street
Metropolis Acapolyose - L.E.S. Riot Era: Artists 1988-2008, in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of the Tompkins Square Park Riots, reflects the continuing struggle against gentrification spearheaded by a generation of artists and musicians on Manhattan's Lower East Side, where today, many of the things Riot artists warned of have come to pass. with artists: Ron English, Genisis Breyer P-Orridge (of Psychic TV), Seth Tobocman, Eric Drooker, Kevin FA-Q, Renna Zimmer, Thom Corn, Dianne Bowen, Morrie Cramer, Tony Wells, Clayton Patterson, Michael Roman, Linus Coraggio, Toyo Tsuchiya (Rivington School), Shalom Neuman, Bob Barry, John John Jesse (Nausea), Lauren Utter, Victor Dominicis, Bob Griffith, AaRON Thompson (les nyc art), James Romberger, Margeurite Van Cook, Crosby Romberger, Peter Missing, Rupi Wegener, Agni Zotis, PondScum (Marvel Comics), Victor Poison Tete (Rat At Rat R), Paulo Pelosini, Leah Tinari, Greg Blaylock, Chris Herbeck, Robert Fredrich, Chris Coffey, Paula Rossi, Ed Reicker (Fester), Glenn Cherney, Ned Lindsay, Dennis YI, AaRon Sinift, Mac McGill, FLY, Stephen Blickenstaff, Dr. Zian Saxon, Lawrence Van Abbema, Pat Attak, Tim McVicker, Shawn McVicker, Chris Caggiano (Iconicide), JohnnyV, Tony Wells, John Nikolai, Jason Ryan, Aurora Nocturnal, Pat Moreta, Robert Swanson, Daryl LeVare, John Czop (Marvel Comics), Brett Kahler, Jeniferocity, M. Apparition, Paul Garrin, Julian (Snake Thrower), Jason Mitchell, Brian Trash, Eric AnderER, Rob Erhler, Rupert Picott, Stephen Ritterspoon, Elena DeRosa, Mo Browne, Lori Lamson, Martha McDonald, Tony Santana, Amy Toxic, Loren Marks, Surreal Hazard, Jen Allen, Cedric Allen Hills, Charles Lundergan, Plus MORE SPECIAL GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED. In conjunction with the Art Exhibit, there are 5 nights of performances and live music.
Opening: Thursday October 09, .

138 Bayard St.
646 258 3792
Fri�Sun 1 - 6pm, or by appointment
New Blood, Curated by Charles Beronio,featuring: Nao Bustamante, Sasha Dela, Sergio De La Torre, Double Happiness, Sujin Lee, Jeanne Verdoux, Lance Wakeling. Sept. 13 - Oct 12.

Noah Loesberg and Kelli Miller, October 25-November 23.
Opening: Saturday October 25, 7-10.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center
135 Broadway
12-6 Fri-Sun
Celebrating John Milton�s 400th Birthday, The unrivaled arts festival honoring Milton's birthday and Paradise Lost, the greatest poem in the English language. Bridging classic literature and contemporary fine art, performing arts and poetry reading. September 27th�November 2nd, 2008.

3rd Ward
195 Morgan Ave.
Daily 11-9
The Last Supper, film, food, music and art festival curated by Coralina Meyer expands into a multi-arts exhibition exploring the theme of "Landscape" and featuring artworks from budding visual artists including Christian Nguyen, Will Walker and RoMa Steel, as well as food art by Tattfoo Tan, Sweet Tooth of the Tiger, Eve + Bowie and more. On View: Saturday, September 20th--Sunday, October 12th.

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